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How do I get admission into colleges like MIT, Stanford etc.?

Today, during my search on google I have got most justified and creditable answer on Quora about this query answer by  Anupriya Gagneja, MSCS Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence,Stanford University (2018)

I am putting all seven steps as it is for my readers.


Step 1

Maintain a good GPA

Unlike what your seniors would tell you the day you step into college, GPA does matter if you intend to pursue your Masters at any of the above mentioned colleges. The higher, the better. However, if you feel it’s too late for you to change that, don’t be disheartened. There is still a lot of other things that you can do to build your application in a way that would make it hard for them to say no to.

Step 2

Have awesome projects/Experience

Meaningful Research projects / publications / work experience all add almost equal value to the credibility of your profile and it’s never too late for you to get hold of one of your professors and do some rocking research project with them. Always be on a lookout for internships as well. Remember brand value helps. If you feel you do not have enough research projects/ work experience on your resume, take a step back, build your profile and apply next year. Better late than sorry!If you are not sure about how strong your profile is, get your profile evaluation results along with invaluable guidance for your applications from people who are already living your dream at these star colleges.

Step 3

The most feared exams – GRE and TOEFL

Well , from personal experience preparing for GRE would be one of the most exhausting step of your application procedure. But it’s fun in its own sweet way. During this phase you will see yourself using words that people around you wouldn’t be able to make sense of and thus some of your friends might like to distance themselves from you till you are done with the exam! Just kidding. Consider this exam seriously as most of the universities have cut off scores for GRE and TOEFL. A 325+ in GRE and 110+ in TOEFL should keep you safe from the grammar nazis in the admission committee.

Step 4

Have glorious letter of recommendations

There is a reason I have mentioned this step before you think about writing your SOP. Because if getting an admit from MIT or Stanford is a game of Poker, this is your pocket pair of ACES. Your recommendations can single-handedly get you in or out of the pool of selected candidates. So make sure you’ve got this one right. You can use these resources to get a template for the sample recommendations.

Step 5

Write a breath-taking SOP

Finally we arrive to one of the most feared word in the student community “SOP”! And by no means should you underestimate it’s importance. While an above average SOP will not be the reason you are rejected from your dream school but an outstanding SOP can go a long way in making your application stand out from your competitors and get you accepted. Remember, it’s always better to have a different pair of eyes for reviewing and editing your SOP and who better at doing that than the alumni/students of your dream school. Get your SOP reviewed by Stanford and CMU alumni to get all the help you need to write your breath-taking SOP.

Step 6

Make a bullet proof Resume

This is where most of the students have their blind spot. Resume showcases your entire application in a A4 size paper and you must make sure that you mention all the important details in a way that it is crisp as well as thorough. Writing a resume takes the minimum number of words as compared to the other parts of your applications but it does take a lot of time and skill. Visit this link to get your resume ready for your flawless application!

Step 7

Fill the application

Be careful in this final step. Make no mistakes. Some of the applications may have 200-300 words questions for you as well. Don’t consider them any less important than your SOP. This covers all the above things right from the inception of your dream to achieving it.


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Anupriya Gagneja, MSCS Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence, Stanford University(2018) at Quora 

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