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I am a full-stack engineer whose passion lies in building great products while enabling others to perform their roles more effectively. I have architect and built horizontally scalable back-ends; distributed RESTful API services; and web-based front-ends with modern, highly interactive Ajax UIs.

I deal with:

Web applications
Distributed architecture
Parsers, compilers
Mobile First, Responsive design
Test-driven development

Using technologies :

+Java, JAX-RS, JavaScript, Node.js
+Ajax, JSON, HTML5, CSS3
+Mac OS X, Linux, Windows

My Qualities ,I believe :

Self-directed and passionate
Meticulous yet pragmatic
Leadership skills, integrity

મૌન એ વાર્તાલાપની મહાન કળા છે

તમારો સ્વજન વાણી દ્વારા તમારું મનદુ:ખ કરે તો મૌન રહો કારણકે તે જે ઓકે છે તે ઝેર છે જે તેના મન અને શરીરમાં ફેલાયેલ છે.આ ઝેર ઘીમે ઘીમે અોછું થતા તેના મન અને શરીરને ઘણું સારું લાગશે.જ્યારે પણ કોઇ ઘરની વ્યક્તિ બિનજરુરી વાણી પ્રહાર કરવામાંડે ત્યારે આપણે પણ મુશ્કેલીમાં મુકાઇ જઇ એના વિરુધ્ધ બોલ્યા વગર…

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Bless your mistakes

Our mistakes have places here. Go on! Do not look back if you think you have done something that is not right. Now, do you believe you could be what you are today, had you not made those mistakes before? Bless your mistakes, then. They have been angels unawares. Blessed be torture! Blessed be happiness!…

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Emotional empathy—the ability to share the emotions of another person

Family estrangement (परिवारके मनमुटाव,કુટુંબના અણબનાવ)is the physical and or emotional distancing between at least two family members.Gradually its having its own tendency to spread among other family members and very close relatives.We try to seek its solutions by various ways like discussion with our so called well wishers,religious and/or physiological counselling,sharing emotions with beloved etc.All…

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First deserve then desire

Information Technology is very fast growing field. I assure if you or your child even learn single skill set in Information Technology there would be at least relax for entire life from tension of earning source. There a huge opportunities for all sort of people in IT.You can enter into IT field at any age,no…

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Growing up, I had a very close relationship with my mummy . My  mummy was house wife and almost stay at home. I and mummy was almost spend almost a day together. As close as I was to both of my parents , my relationship with my mother was different, she was like my best…