Personal Branding- Four elements of social selling

Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. While previous self-help management techniques were about self-improvement, the personal branding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging. It is the practice of marketing yourself and your career in the way that you would a brand. Utilizing various channels such... Continue Reading →

Maachis is Really Good Movie You MUST Watch – गुलज़ार जैसा नाम वैसा काम! Maachis is a film about what atrocities can drive an ordinary human to do. It looks back at the Punjab problem and tries to figure out some of the root causes. It's a 1996 Indian Hindi period political thriller film directed by Gulzar and produced by R. V. Pandit. It stars Om Puri, Tabu, Chandrachur Singh and Jimmy Sheirgill in the lead roles. The film portrays the circumstances surrounding... Continue Reading →

How to Get Out of Debt?

The decision to get yourself out of debt is a life changer if you are willing to make the necessary commitment that goes with that. There are a lot of decisions that need to be made and it’s possible – if not probable – you’ll make some mistakes along the way. Getting out of debt... Continue Reading →

“My Lost Dollar” by Stephen Leacock

The story, my lost dollar written by Stephen Butler Leacock is a hilarious excerpt based upon human behavior on borrowing and lending money intervened with the natural tendency of human memory of the borrower and humorous failed attempts of its revival by the lender. In My Lost Dollar by Stephen Leacock, we have the theme... Continue Reading →

મિચ્છામી દુક્કડમ(Michhami Dukkadam) : જૈન ધર્મની ક્ષમાપના એક સાઇકોથેરપી

જૈન ધર્મની ક્ષમાપના એક સાઇકોથેરપી પણ છે મિચ્છા મિ દુક્કડં નામનો મહામંત્ર : અમેરિકામાં રેડિકલ ફરગીવનેસની ક્લિનિકો તમારી આંખો બંધ કરો અને એ વ્યક્તિને યાદ કરો જેણે તમને બહુ હેરાન કર્યા છે. આ વ્યક્તિનો ગુનો નાનો હશે અથવા મોટો હશે; પણ તમારા મન ઉપર તેની ઘેરી છાપ રહી ગઇ છે. આ વ્યક્તિ કદાચ તમારી નજીકની... Continue Reading →

सुखकर्ता दुःखहर्ता वार्ता विघ्नाची – Sukhkarta Dukhharta Varta Vighnachi || सुखकर्ता दुःखहर्ता वार्ता विघ्नाची नुरवी पुरवी प्रेम कृपा जयाची सर्वांगी सुंदर उटी शेंदुराची कंठी झलके माल मुक्ता फलांची | जयदेव जयदेव जयदेव जयदेव जयदेव जयदेव जय मंगलमूर्ति दर्शन मात्रे मन कामना पूर्ती | जयदेव जयदेव जयदेव जयदेव रत्नखचित  फरा तुज गौरीकुमरा चंदनाची उटी कुमकुम केशरा हीरे जड़ित मुकुट शोभतो बरा रुणझुणती नूपुरे चरणी घागरिया |... Continue Reading →

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