How good is Byju’s the learning App?

Nowadays it's a very commonly asked question by few of parents who are conscious about their kids career growth. BYJU's like app/material is very important for today's students preparing /want to prepared for IIT,NEET,State level engg,I do agree. But before spending your hard earn money I would like to share following content shared by Geethapriya (Geetapriya... Continue Reading →

What is success?

To this day, I really don’t think there’s an exact answer…or well, a one-size-fits-all answer anyway.But today I found it from linkedIn post of Kirsty Bonner,Psychologist , Denmark I would like to share with you in author's own words 5 things to know about Success: 1. Defined as the accomplishment of a goal or purpose.... Continue Reading →

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