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‘Economics I understood’ is my thoughts about world of economy.

iEngage™ – a Digital Consumer Platform from Infosys

Infosys iEngage™ is a Digital Consumer Platform that helps enterprises engage with consumers across the marketing-sales-service lifecycle. It empowers businesses to accelerate awareness, deepen relationships, grow revenue and delight customers. Delivered in the enterprise SaaS model, it includes offerings for social media marketing, eCommerce, social commerce, customer care, and employee engagement. Consumers rely on social…

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How to Own a McDonald’s Franchise?

One of the most recognizable franchise operations today is a McDonalds fast food restaurant. In operation since 1955, the McDonalds Corporation is actively seeking franchisees to own and operate fast food restaurants around the world. In 2008, the number of franchise owners increased over previous years in the United States, Canada and Europe, making McDonalds…

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How to Buy a Motel?

Motels and hotels provide lodging to visitors, and these businesses are located in practically every city. Owning a motel can become a lucrative business. But not every motel will succeed. If you are considering buying a motel and running the business, do your homework to determine whether this is the right business venture for you.…

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Online Marketing Process

I see everything is going online gradually and web is the future of 21 st century.To the best of my prediction,before 2050 almost all marketing and financial transactions would be fully web based.There is no wonder if our third generation would only see paper currency,news paper,paper based marketing & sales material and many such things…

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Great Online Business Ideas

Read also : How to be billionaire in a decade You don’t need a brick-and-mortar location to start a successful business. In fact, some of the most successful businesses can be run entirely online. Keeping your business digital can save you thousands of dollars in rent and expenses, and it can help you reach a…

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