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‘Economics I understood’ is my thoughts about world of economy.

First deserve then desire

Information Technology is very fast growing field. I assure if you or your child even learn single skill set in Information Technology there would be at least relax for entire life from tension of earning source. There a huge opportunities for all sort of people in IT.You can enter into IT field at any age,no…

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Means is what?the purpose or goal

“To make software solutions for microprocessor based computer systems.”  was the means of Microsoft when Bill Gates and his partner Allen Paul had laid foundation of the giant software company. Same thing in case of Google,”To make artificial intelligence based information search solution for world wide web.” was the means of the company at the…

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7M Theory to build business

As i have concluded in my previous blog  “Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, cash is reality” , Means,Measures,Mastery,Manpower,Management,Market and Money are 7M resources required to build business. Means is what?is the purpose or goal. Measures are calculative tangible or intangible criterion. Mastery is pursuing expertise on prime measure to avoid dependency. Manpower is the measure of…

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