Maachis is Really Good Movie You MUST Watch – गुलज़ार जैसा नाम वैसा काम! Maachis is a film about what atrocities can drive an ordinary human to do. It looks back at the Punjab problem and tries to figure out some of the root causes. It's a 1996 Indian Hindi period political thriller film directed by Gulzar and produced by R. V. Pandit. It stars Om Puri, Tabu, Chandrachur Singh and Jimmy Sheirgill in the lead roles. The film portrays the circumstances surrounding... Continue Reading →

Story of The Shape of Water

Elisa is a mute, isolated woman who works as a cleaning lady in a hidden, high-security government laboratory in 1962 Baltimore. Her life changes forever when she discovers the lab's classified secret -- a mysterious, scaled creature from South America that lives in a water tank. As Elisa develops a unique bond with her new... Continue Reading →

Corporate Rules for Happy Life

I am not serious about this article and take it as a fun only.Enjoy reading tips about "Corporate rules for happy life" from an anonymous writer. 1. Trust nobody. 2. What happens in the office, remain in office. Never take office gossips to home and vice versa. 3. Enter office on time, leave on time.... Continue Reading →

WHAT IS The Ideal Weight?

Most ideal body weight calculators are based on simple measurements of height. However, newer research suggests that health may not be correlated directly to weight, but to your perception of your weight. Those that are happy with their weight tend to be healthier, compared with those who are unhappy. This chart determines the ideal weight... Continue Reading →

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