What is emotional freedom?

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY ABSOLUTE FREEDOM? With so much hype going about the word "freedom", I literally get confused at times. Is it all about freedom to speak, freedom to act, freedom to stay out at night for whatever reasons, freedom to wear whatever we wish, freedom to choose a career, freedom to do... Continue Reading →

Roman Ruins of Rome Italy Europe – Coliseum

આ રોમ​,ઇટાલી માં આવેલી ઇતિહાસીક ઇમારત કોલિઝિયમનો ફોટો છે.રોમમાં કોલિઝિયમ 55,000 જેટલા લોકોને સમાવી શકે છે અને ઘણા યોદ્ધા અને પશુના ઝઘડાઓનું દ્રશ્ય છે તે એક વિશાળ એમ્ફીથિયેટર છે. તેની ઇમારત 70 એડીમાં શરૂ થઇ હતી, પરંતુ એરેનાનું ઉદ્ઘાટન માત્ર 10 વર્ષ પછી થયું હતું.ઉદ્ઘાટન સમારંભને બદલે લોહિયાળ હતો, ઝઘડા દરમિયાન 5,000 થી વધુ જંગલી... Continue Reading →

Mingle, Break-up and Mingle – हम तुमसे मिले, फिर जुदा हो गए देखो फिर मिल गए

On September 19, it was reported that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from her husband Brad Pitt, citing irreconcilable differences. The duo had tied the knot in August 2014. It’s been just over a couple of months since the divorce, and it’s being reported that Pitt is already looking for love. A report said that... Continue Reading →

How to attain happiness in life?- 26 secrets

  To  achieve a permanent state of happiness is the ultimate goal of our life. But How?...Develop habit of good reading,good watching,good discussing and good accompanying.. Always try to detach from the demonic qualities , which are: desire (kaam), anger (krodh), greed (lobh), attachment (moh), ego (ahankar) and snob* behavior.   There are 26 ultimate... Continue Reading →

Iraq invades Kuwait in 1990  — A Brief History

After watching 'Airlift' ,I have tried to find out answer for ," Why DID Iraq Invade Kuwait?".Very brief answer to this question on google from Wikipedia is "In 1990 Iraq accused Kuwait of stealing Iraqi petroleum through slant drilling, although some Iraqi sources indicated Saddam Hussein's decision to attack Kuwait was made a few months before the... Continue Reading →

Bless your mistakes

Our mistakes have places here. Go on! Do not look back if you think you have done something that is not right. Now, do you believe you could be what you are today, had you not made those mistakes before? Bless your mistakes, then. They have been angels unawares. Blessed be torture! Blessed be happiness!... Continue Reading →

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