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“Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, cash is reality”

Doing business is a one thing which is not an important at all.We don’t respect people with only identity as a businessman but we have a different line of thinking for ‘Successful businessman’.At least as a business person,I do have an equal respect for a genuine hawker and very successful businessman like Bill Gates,of course,his philanthropy activities are making him super human from others.

Here in my today’s blog i would like to say something to young people with a dream to be successful entrepreneur.My very first message to them is “Don’t try to be rich in a day” means in very short span of time.Its very dangerous,may throw you and your entire existence in black hole.

But at the same time any prosperous nation build upon the wealth generated by such mass of successful businessman.We do admire person with a vision to be an entrepreneur. There is one very wrong belief in many person’s mind that money plays important role in building business or same but controversial belief in mass of people that money is not at all required to become business owner.I would like to portray the scene of enterprise creation with term resources instead of layman’s word money.Money is one of the resource for enterprise building which is primary but not predominant.

Now the point is what are the list of resources to be considered to build successful enterprise.Means,Measures,Mastery,Manpower,Management,Market and Money.I would like to say it, ‘7M Theory to build business’!


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