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Growing up, I had a very close relationship with my mummy . My  mummy was house wife and almost stay at home. I and mummy was almost spend almost a day together. As close as I was to both of my parents , my relationship with my mother was different, she was like my best friend. I had  really one close friend but we were constantly fighting and then we would settle down our differences mutually with our own emotional instincts. I remember   every night mummy would prepare some special dishes by making some little changes in our routine cuisines. Especially, I always remember typically made mummy’s PAV-BHAJI which she was renovating specially for me from our Gujarati ‘s “Batata Vatana nu shak”. Mummy’s  Dal was very favorites to my  friend Sajid, our childhood neighbor at Ambica Apartment. In my young age her  dishes made for our fast was very favorite to Mukesh,Piyush,Ketan,Kishore,Pranav,Sanjay ..

I loved to hear Gujarati Bhajans at 5:30 AM on  ’All India Radio’  played by her, after getting pull off from very sweet morning sleep by mummy when I was in primary school at Madresa. She packed my lunch box with four bhakhri with shak  like Bhindi,Aloo gobi etc. In our recess we were attacking on this lunch together with my childhood friends Ketan Sadhu,Apurva,Jaimin, Rakesh vanio,Rakesh bathi….

I and my sister always felt like we could tell mummy anything and everything. We had heard struggle of her childhood in her own words many time, she had lost her mother at the age of 1 year only. On   August 31,2015,mummy silence  for ever at Ashutosh Hospital,Surat at 5:00 PM.But at ICU, the last words I ever heard from her mouth two days before  she went to ‘permanent unconscious’ state was “Jay Jalaram,Jay Shree Krishna,Nam..o Bhag..awate  vasudevay na ..m..h”!

The cremation was held next day at 10 AM at Navsari and we were come back to our routine immediately  from very next day to come out from the grief. I didn’t just  lose my mother that day, I  lost my best friend and more importantly ,my childhood!I always miss my mummy,but her sprit and lessons  that she taught me will live on forever.

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