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Online Grocery store and supermarket:billion dollar business idea


I am a software developer since early  2000 and have been watching amazing growth of many software companies like Google,Facebook,Alibaba…I have a very clear vision in mind about “How to build successful IT company?”.Of course,too many ideas inside the mind but today I would like start with “Online Grocery store and supermarket”.

Investment would not be constraint for this business. First see some similar sites to clear your picture about the concept,,,, etc. Now select any city or town where you are comfortable to sustain for long like your home town or near by city.Find eCommerce site developer and develop mobile responsive eCommerce site.Keep you site name very much indicative with your business purpose.Don’t try to keep even a single penny stock.You can do this business from your home as an office or take a very small space on rent.Now,find some good suppliers of grocery,vegetables and what ever you plan to sell from your store.Start marketing through local publicity and such other low cost media.Don’t spend to much,be calculative at every steps.Grow your business @10% to @15% cumulative monthly rate.You would be billionaire with a decade.Good Luck!

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