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What is Real Wealth?

The most important forms of real wealth are beyond price and are unavailable for market purchase. These include healthy, happy children, loving families, caring communities, and a beautiful, healthy, natural environment.Real wealth also includes all the many things of intrinsic artistic, spiritual, or utilitarian value essential to maintaining the various forms of living wealth. These may or may not have a market price. They include healthful food, fertile land, pure water, clean air, caring relationships and loving parents, education, health care, fulfilling opportunities for service, and time for meditation and spiritual reflection. For most purposes, real wealth is living wealth, and living wealth is real wealth. Money is neither.It for sure that money is an important. Without it, it’s impossible to thrive in the modern world and difficult even to survive. But money isn’t an almighty but its a neccesary tool for life. Money should not be the goal, and certainly not something that should rule our lives.

Real wealth has intrinsic value, as contrasted to exchange value. Life, not money, is the measure of real-wealth value. Examples include land, labor, knowledge, and physical infrastructure. I would suggest that ‘wealth’ covers far more than just money which includes Family and friends,Health and well being and Happiness with Money.

We have to ask ourselves ,”How much will we need?”.Answer to this question may vary from person to person

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