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Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actors 2015

We always see them in the best movies in Hollywood, but have you ever wondered how much money these actors are making? The thing is that you don’t see them only in blockbuster movies, but some of them even have contracts with various corporations and they are paid millions of dollars in order to promote various products or services. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at the Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actors 2015 below and see which of them is actually the richest!

10. Will Smith ($215 Million Dollars)


We have seen Will Smith in so many movies by now that we feel he is family. Will has had a long career and played in some of the best and popular movies in the world, including Men in Black, Independence Day, I Am Robot and of course, Bad Boys. Not only is he a charismatic actor though, but he is also known for being a great rapper, releasing albums such as Big Willie Style, Willennium and Lost and Found which have had a lot of success. All in all, thanks to his incredible talent, humor and personality, Will Smith has been embedded in our minds as one of the best actors of the century.

9. Patrick Wilson, ($275 Million Dollars)


Patrick Wilson has always been in the spotlight, ever since he has been awarded major roles on Broadway starting way back in ’96. Since then, he has played many roles in very impressive and highly ranked movies, including Insidious, Watchmen, Hard Candy and of course, The Conjuring. Due to his talent and personality, he was also selected to star in a miniseries on HBO in 2003 called Angels in America.

8. Adam Sandler, ($300 Million Dollars)


Adam Sandler has starred in dozens of movies, including Happy Gilmore and 51st Dates which are some of the best and funniest movies he’s ever been in (in my honest opinion). On top of being a very successful and talented actor, Adam is also a film producer, screenwriter and comedian and his career really took off after he has been included as a cast member in the Saturday Night Live show. While he is currently 47 years old, it seems that he still has that youthful and funny personality that we all love him for and continuing to star in blockbuster movies that make use love him even more.

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger, ($300 Million Dollars)


When talking about a legend like Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s very hard to find the right words to talk about him and that is why most of us are simply in awe when thinking about him. Mostly known for his Terminator movies, Arnold is currently one of the most popular actors in the world. He is also one of the world’s most popular bodybuilders and has won multiple Mister Olympia titles back in the day. But he didn’t stop there. He went on to become the Governor of California for 8 years, starting ’03 and going all the way until ’11. Now that’s what you call a real legend!

6. Keanu Reeves ($350 Million Dollars)


Keanu Reeves has become a name that is synonymous with The Matrix series where he played the main character, Neo, a hacker that was living a normal life until he met Morpheus who revealed him the lie he was living in. Most of Keanu’s wealth comes from The Matrix movie series, but he also starred in many other great movies, such as Constantine, The Devil’s Advocate and Speed. Currently aged 49, Keanu is still going strong and some say that he may play in the rumored Matrix 4.

5. Tom Hanks ($390 Million Dollars)


Known for his roles in Saving Private Ryan and The Green Mile, Tom Hanks has managed to have a very long and successful career by playing extremely mature roles that have brought out the best in him. He is also a director, producer and screenwriter, managing to gather millions of fans from around the world who dearly love his work. To include some of the movies he starred in, they include Saving Private Ryan, The Da Vinci Code, Apollo 13 and Cast away.

4. Jack Nicholson, ($400 Million Dollars)


John Joseph Nicholson is an American writer, producer, film director and most of all, actor, who has been cast in dozens of movies and has given the genre “comedy” a whole new meaning. Jack Nicholson generally portrays challenging and unique roles, most of the times playing psychopathic and neurotic characters. His dark and strange sense of humor are practically infectious and are what makes us love him so much.

3. Johnny Depp ($450 Million Dollars)


Known mostly for his infectious and extremely well played role of Edward Scissorhands, Johnny Depp is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, especially given the fact that he later on starred in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. The franchise has since then become one of the most popular in the world and even though he is fifty years old, he looks around 35. It’s probably that and his talent the reasons to why he is still going strong and being chosen to play in a lot of movies.

2. Tom Cruise ($480 Million Dollars)


Ever since Top Gun, which is the movie that put Tom Cruise on the Hollywood map of the world’s greatest actors, Tom has been cast in a wide variety of movies, with some of the most popular ones being Mission Impossible, Minority Report, Rain Man and many others. At only fifty two years old, Tom’s net worth is around 480 million dollars and it seems that a lot of it (some say) may have to do with the fact that he has a perfect smile he knows how to flaunt. However, his acting talent is also incredible.

1. Jerry Seinfeld ($820 Million Dollars)


Born on April the 29th nineteen fifty four, Jerome Allen Seinfeld was set to become one of the most popular and richest actors in Hollywood and that is all thanks to the Seinfeld TV series that has managed to change the world ever since it was released. Playing Jerry, the famous character in the series, he managed to connect with his audience thanks to his amazing personality, superb sense of humor and smile which made us love him for the charismatic actor he can be. All in all, with a net worth of 820 million dollars, Jerry Seinfeld is by far the richest actor in the world.

All in all, these are the Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actors 2015 and thanks to their amazing talent, incredible personality and also looks, they have managed to change the movie industry and taught us what entertainment is all about.


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