Best of Lata Mangeshkar Hit Songs



Check out the Top 10 songs of Lata Mangeshkar, a legend of Indian Cinema Music who still continues to rule as a female playback singer even after seven decades. Listen to the timeless classic songs back to back or just select your favorite track from the Menu and shuffle between the songs. Enjoy!

Song list:-
Bhai Batur – 00:17
Dil Deewana – 04:47
Husn Hazir Hai (Koi Pattar Se Na Mare) – 10:00
Solah Baras Ki Bali Umar – 16:05
Rim Jhim Gire Sawan – 22:56
Maye Ni Maye – 26:33
Khilte Hain Gul Yahan – 30:36
O Ramji Bada Dukh Deena – 36:42
Raina Beeti Jaye – 42:28
Ab Toh Hai Tumse – 46:39

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