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Infosys’ new business to focus on products and platforms

Infosys is investing in a products and platforms business that will help it break its dependence on its traditional “time and materials” model, under which contracts are priced on the basis of the duration of a project and the number of staff working on it.

The new business focuses on creating products and platforms, and then offering them to customers in return for a license fee, payment per transaction, or royalties.

Infosys has to work on new businesses that are less directly linked to the number of staff it employs, such as business transformation deals, and business consultancy, said analyst Amneet Singh, vice president for global sourcing at Everest Group. Focusing on platforms and products is an extension of this strategy.

Infosys experimented with its products and platform strategy in 2009 when it introduced Flypp, a white-label platform for delivery of mobile applications that it is marketing to mobile operators who want to set up their own branded app stores. It also introduced iEngage Digital Consumer Platform in a SaaS (software-as-a-service) model for enterprises to engage with consumers across the marketing, sales and service lifecycle.

It also sells a banking product called Finacle, an offshoot of its earlier bid in the 1990s to get into large enterprise products.

The company now plans to develop small products that are customizable for multiple industries, and modular and flexible ones that can be deployed into the existing IT infrastructure of its customers, Vemuri said. The technologies will also be designed to target various industry segments, he added.

Its iTransform product suite, for example, helps companies in the healthcare industry meet compliance requirements.


Information source : http://www.infoworld.com/article/2622150/outsourcing/infosys–new-business-to-focus-on-products-and-platforms.html

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