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Can I Crack IIT JEE …? [5]

The top 5 mantras on how to crack IIT JEE  

  • Learn
  • Practice
  • Dedication/commitment
  • Time management
  • High spirit/willingness


Detailed guide on how to crack IIT JEE 

  1. Think Big: To get the goal you want in life, you need motivation. The bigger your dream, the bigger is your success. Motivation creates commitment, which in turn creates zeal to just make it happen.

  2. Every battle is first won in the mind. Some people are in the habit of leaving jobs half-finished. Quitting is a negative habit and won’t take you far in life.

  3. Take Your First Step: Know exactly where you stand and what do you need to get through this exam. Ask yourself “Am I ready?” Once you are mentally and physically prepared, you need to know about the examination like eligibility criteria, exam pattern, reservation policy (if you are in India), how many students are competing and important dates of examination. 

  4. Right Approach: Now it’s time to collect study material. Ask your teacher which writer’s book is best for this particular topic? Along with it purchase sample papers of the exam from local market shop. We suggest not to download sample papers and previous years question papers from internet, instead have a book. The reason behind this suggestion is while we were having discussion with some students earlier, many of them avoided downloaded material reasoning that it affects their concentration and causes eye strain. While we also feel they are right, but it depends on individual’s choice.

  5. Plan your Strategy Professionally and Meticulously: Analyze your shortcomings and strengths to plan your strategy. Accumulate your resources and utilize for best results. It requires strategic planning, positive attitude, hard work, careful guidance and loads of practice.

  6. Time Management: The students should properly plan their time. Time management is a critical factor in preparation of any exam so that one can get through it. Student should develop habit of writing as many as possible tests.
  7. Dedication: Dedication and spirit both are two sides of same coin. Both work extremely well if they are in coordination. During our study on this topic most of the students we met felt at one point that they are not going to make it because of huge syllabus of entrance examination and competition. But it was the will power which made it happen. We suggest you to keep your head cool.
  8. Negative thoughts really affects the whole study plan. Don’t let it ruin your confidence. Believe in yourself and say it loudly “I will make it”. Other important thing is to visualize that you have cracked the examination. How happy you are and how much proud your parents and your relatives are. This will surely boost your confidence and you will feel better.If you are suffering from Negative thoughts share your thoughts with parents/teachers..,read positive blogs/books,don’t be afraid if you would not crack IIT JEE entrance even though your future would be prospective(yes its 101% fact-believe me) – ALL IS WELL.
  9. Syllabus Check: A lot of students study everything even it is not in entrance examinations’ syllabus. Keep the syllabus of examination on study table. Check it before you begin and after you end your studies to know how much you need to cover this day.


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