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No Job No Money…Now What?


Unemployment is a difficult state of being. There is the uncertainty of how long it will last. There is the unwarranted abuse from people who consider the unemployed to be anything from lazy to stubbornly resistant. And there is the ever-pressing need to pay for the roof over your head and get food on the table. All of these pressures can contribute to endless worry, a sense of futility and breakdowns in relationships. Surviving unemployment is about maintaining your spirit, nourishing your sense of self-worth and finding the motivation to keep going, in spite of all the odds.Here, I share one real story.

After gaining 4 yrs of experience, I got job in a Foreign country with handful salary, but within 8 months I lost job. Then after I comeback to Chennai, after few months, I had no money even for tea, that time my wife was pregnant with one child, tears were in my eyes. Being a devoted muslim, I believe in Quran, it says “Allah won’t test a soul(person) beyond its/his/her capabilities.”, so I had confident that I would overcome.

I later did some freelancing through online site, then I applied to some companies in chennai. One  company offered me programming work on hourly bill, i continued. Later I contacted with my classmate, he referred me in his company in abroad. I am now working in abroad in an MNC.

1. Try to get your classmates email IDs, phone numbers. Talk to them, tell your situations, ask their help. (Even after ten years, when I see my class mate trying for job, I ask their CV and spend sometime to ask my colleagues, forward, if they can help. So I am sure they will try to help you). Even some good people will ask if you need money and they will give you some bucks.

2. If you are staying in village, travel to City like chennai, bangalore and look for relatives/friends accommodation. Then start your job search, while working with relatives/friends company/shop, if they offer you work.

3. There are lot of small companies looking for candidates for less salary. get a list and Go to their offices/call them.

4. You already have app development experience, you can highlight in your CV.

5. If the Apps are published, then remake it with Google Ads (can expect revenue after 6 months)

6. You have blog, place paypal donation button “for survive”, write techical/ interesting stuff continuously. May be you can post one article telling you need financial assistance to survive, and ask for projects/job.

7. I guess you don’t have suicide in mind, if you really have, talk to Sneha India

I wish & pray, you will have a good life.


Ref : https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-survive-being-an-unemployed-Indian

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