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How bullet train will be benefited to India?


India on track to get its first bullet train, some of the benefits of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream project :

  1. The launch of bullet trains would be revolutionised the way India transacts its business.
  2. The launch of bullet trains would be provided with an efficient solution to the Indian industries and workforce.
  3. The bullet trains will allow workers to stay at their places with lower cost of living and work at economic hubs and earn better. With a travel time of around two hours, industry and workers would be getting permanently connected.
  4. One of the major transformative contributions of the bullet trains has been its ability to unite industry, suppliers and consumers.
  5. The big companies could reach out to the suppliers in short time period while even small suppliers could approach the big firms with equal ease. The bullet trains benefited both.
  6. It will give the boost to tourism as far flung areas came within a few hours reach. Later, the bullet train, itself, would become a tourist attraction.
  7. When Japan launched its first bullet train with the objective of bringing inclusive development, its per capita GDP was USD 835. When China launched its high-speed trains, its per capita GDP was USD 3,500. Now, Japan’s per capita GDP is over USD 36,000 while that of China’s is over USD 8,000. India GDP aims at similar benefits from the bullet trains as seen by Japan.
  8. The industrial corridor is in the region that is rich in natural resources and home to farm-based industries. There are huge possibilities of development of other commercial centres along the route.
  9. It may help establishing the Indian manufacturing and software ecosystem in the country.
  10. The Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project is likely to employ about 20,000 people during its construction phase.
  11. As per Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, after completion of the project, about 4,000 people will be given permanent employment under the project for operation and maintenance of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train corridor.
  12. It would be able to create 12-15 lakh jobs by giving fresh impetus to industrial and farm growth in the region.
  13. We can foresee major development in Infrastructure in association with Japan.
  14. Last but not least, beyond bullet trains, India-Japan trade partnership will make a win-win situation.

Definitely, together with a country like Japan, we can make difference.Salute to Prime Minister Narendra Modi – who is possibly one of the best-recognised world leaders.

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