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How Much Do I Need For Retirement?The Retirement Planning Calculator


Predicting how much money you might need for retirement can be a tricky task, especially when attempting to extrapolate from current earnings and spending patterns.Proper retirement planning is essential if you want to sustain a comfortable lifestyle beyond retirement age. When you’re just starting out in your chosen career, it’s all too easy to put off thinking about pensions, however, the golden rule in retirement planning is: act now.

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Analysis of retirement spending data demonstrates that the average household spends less with each passing year – contradicting those calculators that assume that spending levels will simply increase year-on-year with inflation.The Retirement Planning Calculator takes this detail into consideration when preparing your retirement calculation; providing you with a reality planning figure. The calculator has been developed to forecast (based upon the information you provide about your current situation) an assessment of your retirement spending, together with the savings goals you will need to put in place to meet the requirements.





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