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Common Mistakes of Poor Recruitment


What do you think will happen when poor recruitment and selection occurs? Nobody wants this to happen, of course.
To answer this situation, I would like to start with very mild touch.Whenever any candidate get rejected by hiring team of recruiter, the mindset of the candidate could be expressed by muttering two lines of Hindi song,”दो बातें हो सकती हैं सनम तेरे इनकार की,या दुनिया से तू डरती है या कदर नहीं मेरे प्यार की..” that means, there may be two possibilities of rejection,either you are afraid, or not respecting my quality)

Finding right people, at the right place, at right time is the biggest challenge of workforce management.Workforce management (WFM) is all about optimizing how, where, and when work gets done, and who is best suited to do the job.When recruiting for a new employee, there is a difference between how well an organization can recruit and select people AND the company’s ability to hire and retain employees.Being able to hire and retain employees is one of the most important things for any business.

In today’s candidate-driven hiring landscape, employers can’t forget that selling their place of work to candidates is just as important as the candidates selling themselves to employers. Every stage of the hiring process tells your candidates a story about who your company is, what the team members are like, and how much the candidate would enjoy or dread working for you.

Even rejected candidates matter.Have you ever considered thanking all of your recent applicants for laboring through your hiring process?Many companies don’t realize it, but their hiring process is rife with “friction.” Their recruiting strategy and selection process is filled with obstacles, annoyances, and hindrances that make it difficult for applicants. Instead of being enamored with the company and the prospect of working for you, applicants grow sour on the whole experience and begin to wonder if applying was a mistake.A company is only as exceptional as the people in it, and to get exceptional people, a strong recruitment process is a must.

There are few common mistakes of poor recruitment:

1.Without spending enough time getting this part of the process absolutely spot on, it can be difficult attracting the right caliber of the candidate for your position.

2. The limitation to have a clear vision of what the ideal candidate should look like.

3. A lack of professionalism in an interview will always give a candidate a very negative perception of the company and your grasp of the recruitment process.

4. Lack of involvement from the team in the process or lack of ability of the interviewer to evaluate desired qualities of the candidate.

5. After focusing on the early stages of the recruitment process and spending months getting the right person on board.Ignoring or getting onboarding wrong can create a wide range of unforeseen costs for an organization

However, there are certain guidelines that you can apply to hire the right employee for your business every time:

[1]Look for Someone With a Commitment to Their Career
[2]Test for Excellent Learning and Analytical Skills
[3]Check whether the candidate has Compatibility(like social skills) to get along with others, especially with current employees and managers.
[4]Keep Improving Your Hiring Process
[5]Don’t Forget to Hire Interns
[6]human resources team should be analyzing the candidate’s presence on social media.

Always remember,”finding a candidate that will fit your business, your budget and the role you are recruiting for.”

Good Luck!

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