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Educate Your Children To Be Happy


“Don’t Educate Your Children To Be Rich, Educate Them To Be Happy So They Know The Value Of Things And Not The price”

We all have heard this, haven’t we? Money is not the most important thing in life, there are so many other values like happiness, virtue, love, kindness, gratitude which weigh more than money in life. But no matter what these quotes say, how the books tell you to lead your life, you know deep down that even though money is not the most important thing in life, it sure makes life bloody easy! 

I am not going to come out here and profess as to why money is not important in life. It sure is a very important commodity and even though it doesn’t earn us friends or values or character, it sure opens up a lot of avenues for us in lives. At the same time, we do need to ask ourselves this one question –

How important is this money actually? 

I mean, I know it is important and I know that it makes a lot of difference. But by definition, money is simply a commodity, a mode for exchange of goods and that’s the end of it. It doesn’t mean who you are, it doesn’t define how happy you are going to be nor does it define how you are going to matter to this world. But it does define how much you can purchase and we all love a good purchasing power.

Then again, we are not talking about philosophy here, we are talking about how we make our lives a bit simpler and what we can actually implement from these thoughts and quotes in life or else a mere philosophical aspect doesn’t really help us much, does it?!

At some stage, we all have to start believing that being happy is really easy in life. It is not math where you hit absolute zero nor is it very predictable where if you add 1 and 1 you get two and you do something  – you feel happy. You also feel happy so many times when you don’t do anything at all as well. Then how do we tap this potential of happiness?

Simple – make it a priority in life. So many of us have been taught about the importance of money that our minds run on how we can save more and how we can earn more. But culturally very few of us have been taught how to be happy, what makes us happy and where to find this happiness. As we stated above, happiness again is a simple virtue, we just need to sit and identify the things that make us happy. And we need to make sure that it doesn’t take too much to make us happy. Sometimes all it needs is a smile or good music or good food. Yes! Money can buy you food, but only you can buy your happiness in this world. Money can sure be a good way to get there and also easier, but again we are talking about organizing about priorities here – what you need is more important – whether it is a bigger bank balance or a lot more smiles in your life.

Source: http://inspire99.com/daily-quote-dont-educate-your-children-to-be-rich-educate-them-to-be-happy-so-they-know-the-value-of-things-and-not-the-price/


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