The world?Heaven Or Hell!


The Room With 1000 Mirrors
Short Story…Great Learning..!​ ​

A person asked a question to his Guru,
“Nobody cares for me …..nobody loves me, why should I be kind and love this world?”​

Guru smiled and told a story…,​ ​

There was a room with 1000 mirrors.
One small girl used to go inside and play.!
Seeing thousands of children around her she was joyful.​ ​
She would clap her hands and all the 1000 children would clap back at her​ ​
She considered this place as the world’s happiest n beautiful place and would visit often.​ ​

This same place was once visited by a sad n a depressed person.​ ​
He saw around him thousands of angry men staring at him​ ​
He got scared and raised his hands to hit them and in return 1000 hands lifted to hit him back.​ ​
He thought… this is the worst place in the world and left that place.​ ​

This world is also a room with 1000 mirrors around you..
What we let out of us is what the universe will give back to us.!!​

“This world is a heaven. Or Hell..
It’s up to us what we make out of it…” said the Guru….

​”This world is a heaven. Or Hell..
It’s up to us what we make out of it…” said the Guru….


Courtesy: Whatsapp message received from Kiran Pandya

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I am a full-stack engineer whose passion lies in building great products while enabling others to perform their roles more effectively. I have architect and built horizontally scalable back-ends; distributed RESTful API services; and web-based front-ends with modern, highly interactive Ajax UIs.

I deal with:

Web applications
Distributed architecture
Parsers, compilers
Mobile First, Responsive design
Test-driven development

Using technologies :

+Java, JAX-RS, JavaScript, Node.js
+Ajax, JSON, HTML5, CSS3
+Mac OS X, Linux, Windows

My Qualities ,I believe :

Self-directed and passionate
Meticulous yet pragmatic
Leadership skills, integrity

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