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What skills do I need to come up with a startup?


It’s a common questions in startup founder’s mind “What skills do I need to come up with a startup?” .I have got an easier answer on LinkedIn wall of Anisur Rahman

Hereby I put it as it is in own words of author as follow:

To come up with a startup few things which are more important than skills are:

1) An amazing IDEA which add values to this world any way
2) An excellent Revenue Model
3) Die Hard PASSION
4) Self Belief and DETERMINATION

In terms of skills you have to be Jack of all trades as you have to know about everything which is a part of your business.

Sales is the most important thing. You must know the strategies to sell your product or services.

Technology knowledge is not less than a must these days for any area you work. It doesn’t mean that you need to be a programmer but awareness about technologies and their uses and scope is a must.

You need to know about Finance a bit and everything which is part of a business.

In a nutshell, A Founder should be an All-rounder.

And that’s not impossible to be. Once you develop a passion inside, you will develop the rest of the skills automatically!


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