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How do illegal immigrants enter the US?You may wonder: how do people enter the United States illegally?

I would like to start by sharing one fictional story.Name of the person is imaginary. Mr.Jony wanted to immigrate USA anyhow but there was no legal options for him.He has decided to achieve his dream by hook or crook. So,first he went to Africa.From, Africa he joined a film crew to shoot a movie in Caribbeans, they stayed in Jamaica for a month and shot some fake movie to show the immigration if they raise any questions, this was planned. Next, they went to Bolivia and shot some portion of movie and then off to Mexico.In Mexico they had to wait until they get a green light, they waited, after 20 days they started their journey to the USA in a big container which had a bunch of filming stuff and inside the container there were small boxes in which they stayed while crossing borders.

A country as large as the U.S. has more than one illegal ways to enter its border. Here are the three most common avenues for illegal immigration in America.

1. Illegal Entry – As I have explained above.
2. Visa Overstay – Mostly, they enter the US on non-immigrant visas (F1, B1, B2) and decide to overstay.
3. Border Crossing Card Violation

You can get more information about all three ways from web.


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This may be one of the boldest attempts we’ve seen someone make to enter the US illegally



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