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What are the problems faced by SMEs in managing their business decision making in people vs process?

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Hereby I would like to share a case study of one mid size diversified IT company with annul turnover of approx. 30 million US$ and now targeting to touch revenue mark of 100 million US $ within next three years.Great!And agree it’s a very much achievable target indeed!It should be an obvious that such SME company would be facing too many challenges. But this is a case study of decision making in people vs process challenges.

In this story,there are four characters Steve Sr. Developer with huge software & IT experience with multiple SMEs,Ms. Serly Software Business Head with dedicated experience in the same company since completion of her alma mater,Mr. Bollmer ,CEO of the company and Mr. Scrully,the person on the board as Advisory Director ,almost near 70.Would like to add few more words for Mr. Scrully as retired MD of multinational jiant chemical conglomerate,like one of Fortune 1000 business group.Forte of Scrully is managing people vs process challenges but exclusively among Non-IT environment and on large scale only. Scrully was alumni of top ranked Business School with humongous managerial expertise also.But in this case study final call come to Scrully and he has to deliver his expert conclusion as CEO believes that Scrully is an expert to decide whether people are more important than process or process is more important than people.But here is the wrong decision making process occured and finally wrong decision is taken by Mr. Scrully.

Now in root of story, once CEO has changed the sitting area of Steve from one to another where network was different. As all nodes were working through RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol) ,data at previous node accessible to Steve was not accessible to him due to some security policy.Steve had been working on some assignment since last couple of months and during that time he had interacted with more than 25+ internal and external people.As Ms. Serly was reporting authority of Steve and she was also having full right to transfer data from one network to another,Steve has requested Ms. Serly to get it transfered so that he could proceed further.But somehow Serly didn’t. Steve has told to top management also but all went in vein.Finally,on quarter reporting day Serly has stared demanding submission of assignment but Steve has refused to submit until data got transferred. In response,Steve has fired a mail to top management mentioned that he would not reported Ms.Serly and it’s his irrevocable decision.Whole case went to Mr. Scrully but Scrully was lacking ability to understand IT processes but as he was master in the people management.As usual he has tried his best to convince Steve and Serly both but it couldn’t happened.And ultimately he has given conclusion to let Steve resign from the company.

Summary: If same way any IT company keep behaving with his grassroots people like blue collar industry people it would be difficult for human resource managers to prevent frequent attrition and keep retention ratio maintained.And without human talent always there would be vacuum in high skill industries. So,don’t only rely upon so called highly reputed Scrully like people in business decision making in people vs process.Rather try to derive solution after proper understanding of process in action along with people active in execution.

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