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Prevent Child Exploitation And Abuse


The most effective way to help prevent child exploitation and abuse is to create awareness of child rights in the society. Small steps can be taken in our everyday life which could change the life of a child somewhere and that change could go on to touch the lives of many more. You could talk to children around you and educate them on the issue of sexual abuse and what to do if they face situations like this. Children are observant but often don’t understand what they see or experience. Reaching out to them always helps. Children might hesitate to tell an adult if it is a family member or somebody they know, who subjects them to the abuse. But, you can be on the lookout. Listening to them and being approachable can make a big difference to children.
You could also learn about the signs that reveal that a child is being abused. Children who are not social and isolated usually are in some form of trouble. You could investigate the cause for such symptoms and if you suspect that a child is being abused or exploited, you could immediately contact NGOs or other child helplines that deal with issues such as these.

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