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How to find peace and happiness in our life?


We all love and strive for peace and happiness. We love the joy-full celebration of life.Happiness and peace are not dependent on possessions and circumstances. Material possessions, money and fame, might bring temporary happiness and inner peace, but true happiness and inner peace come from within us. They do not depend on our possessions, status or circumstances.Happiness and peace also come through simple things we love, such as reading a good book, being with friends we love, traveling, or a hobby. We can enjoy many moments of peace every day, when we do small, simple things which we love.

Don’t let our fears occupy our mind.Fear and worry cause stress and unhappiness. Even if our fears and worries are real, we will get nothing by dwelling on them, except lack of peace and happiness.Don’t let negative thoughts rule our mind. Only positive thinking and positive action can help us.
Gradually,over the period of time,build following habits that will boost peace and happiness in our life.

1. Spend our energy on things within our control.

Things like our dominant thoughts, our attitude, our behavior, our values, and how we live your life – our daily lifestyle, exercise, food, career, passions, self-education, friends, fun and leisure time.Let go of things we can’t control

2. Adopt an optimistic worldview.

Wake up and anticipate an amazing day. Feel excited about the infinite possibilities for our life. Notice all the love and gifts around us just waiting to be seen.The world is a reflection of our dominant thoughts, so with this overly pessimistic outlook, problems and misfortunes are exactly what we find.Adopt a positive attitude toward life.Think about solutions, not about problems. We can choose to see the problems, and we can choose to see the solutions.We can choose to expect failure, and we can choose to expect success.Forget the past and focus on the present.A positive attitude makes us feel light, happy and peaceful.

3. Forgive & Forget.

Earn to forgive other people when we perceive they have ‘wronged’ us. Have compassion for their situation – they are fighting their own battle, they are doing their best.Spend time doing the deep soul work to determine our values, our dream life vision, and our higher purpose – and then use these to guide us in our daily life.

4. Remember our higher purpose.

Keep reminders of our purpose nearby, and it makes decision making easy.Spend time doing the deep soul work to determine our values, our dream life vision, and our higher purpose – and then use these to guide us in our daily life.

5. Be our own guide.

It matters not what anybody else thinks but it matters a lot what we think about yourself. The more we let our own intuition, inner voice, values and desires be our guide, the faster we can step into our highest good and start living in alignment with our true self. It helps to remember that without mind-reading abilities, we can’t know what others are truly thinking anyway.Be a doer,don’t just accept our circumstances. Don’t be passive.  Be active, a doer. Don’t be afraid of action and of challenges.When we do what we love, happiness and peace start filling our life.Change what we don’t like and, which does not benefit us.Take one project, think about it, make plans, and start working on it.When we make the change that we want, we will be happier and more satisfied.Spend time with our family. Find the time to be with our family, talk, play, and have fun.

Buddha said that,

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”



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