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Koth Ganesh Mandir, Ganpatipura (gujarat)


Shree Ganesh temple or Ganpati mandir is a famous Hindu temple located at near Koth village in Dholka taluka of Ahmedabad district of Indian state Gujarat. Koth village is also known as Ganpatpura because of this Ganpati temple. The Ganpatpura temple is situated at distance of 40 km the Ahmedabad city. The main idol of lord ganesh is more than 6 ft of height. On Sankat Chaturthi of every month there are a huge crowd of devotees come here. More than three lakhs visitors visit the spot for darshan on this day. This Ganapati temple is unique and famous in Gujarat.

On the date of Vikram Samvat 933’s Ashad Vad 4th, Sunday, while digging in the land near tree’s and shrubs in Hathel Lord Ganesha’s idol was found with Golden Anklets, Kundal in ears, Crown on Head and Kandora on Waist. on that day there was an argument among the leaders of the villages Koth, Rojka and Vankutaas as to who will take the idol of Lord Ganesh.

They decided to put the idol in cart without ox and let it go where the lord wishes. The cart without ox stopped at Ganpatipura where shepherd “Dudo” had established Shaktimata of Gokul. Lord Ganesha’s cart stopped there and the idol came down oneself from the cart. So from then onwards the land was known as Ganapatipura. The same date and day is found embossed in Arnej But. The name Arnej has been named after the pujari Ambaram Pandit. On that day this literature was written and given to barot.

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How To Reach:

By Air: Ahmedabad Airport just 70 km from Koth Ganesh Temple
By Rail: Arnej Railway Station is just 6 km from Koth Ganesh Temple
 By Bus or Road: Ganpatpura of the many buses are available. Apart from this will be more fun if you have your personal vehicle.



Video Source: History of India

Information: Official Website  (CLICK AND LISTEN ganpati atharvashirsha)

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