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How to market Software & App Online?

There are many ways to promote software online,free as well as paid.For free marketing, one need to research and brainstorm a lot but for paid marketing, you can find a reliable marketing partner, who is committed to provide an end-to-end marketing solution for online software marketing.



Here I would like to provide answers to both of these calls.

[1]Make your software or online app available for download on software downloading sites.Search for software sites that extend free as well as paid software. Also, spend some time in finding more traffic generating sites, and make a road map accordingly.This approach will also assist you in SEO by getting more back-links.

[2]Regularly visit on some online forums like Stackoverflow, Quora, Codeproject etc.,where people discuss about software related features, releases and other allied topics.Identify the potential mass that visit these websites with a view to search an information.Represent yourself like an expert.

[3]Publish blogs and articles with your subject expertise(or about your products & services) information will assist to scale up your reader mass. Indirectly this will assist in creating customers and expand clientele. Always try to pitch your products as a part of the solution, and avoid pitching for its sale only.You can also market through guest blogging.

[4]Keep your focus on to let your audience believe that you are providing genuine software solutions.Offering a free trial version is the productive approach,too. Offer a freemium version of your solution with limited features to point the potential audience about your product/solution.

[5]Money back guarantee for paid apps, and using software safety badges are also effective ways to build trust about your software products. Besides,invite tech writers to write reviews.

[6]Optimize in media like Googleplus,Youtube,Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Pinterest,Flickr etc. Keep posting relevant and interesting information about new release.Invite your audience by contests, surveys and such other techniques.

[7]For instant results, nothing works better than PPC (Pay per Click) ads on search engines and boosting on Facebook.

How PPC works:
(1) Bid for certain relevant keywords,
(2) Search engines place your advertisement on the top of search results page for these keywords searches
(3) You need to pay search engines for every click (charges vary as per demand of relevant keywords)

For mobile apps,running a PPC campaign almost becomes very much productive.

[8]Affiliate marketing is among the most effective ways to scale up your solution’s market. In affiliate marketing, you have to pay only once you get the result.This will assist to attract traffic and provide your software more exposure.

How affiliate marketing works?
You can pay affiliates
(1)for every click,
(2)for every lead,
(3)for every sale,
(4)for a combination of above all three or two options.

[8]SEO i.e Search Engine Optimization can amazing increase traffic to your website and thus sales also. SEO involves making certain changes to your website design and content that make your site more attractive to a search engine. You do this in hopes that the search engine will display your website as a top result on the search engine results page.

Read for more details about SEO at:


[9]Make a video explaining about your software products and allied services.And promote this video on various video-sharing platforms like youtube,vimeo etc. and social media like FB etc.

[10]Featuring your software on technological portals through articles, infographics, blogs, press releases, etc. (esp. where the tech world and IT professional frequently visit to check out latest and upcoming trends in IT industry).Represent in relevant trade shows which will definitely boost the awareness about your company and products in the tech world.

[11]Hiring a trusted marketing firm can provide you an end-to-end solution. Of course it will cost you, but in return will save you a lot of time, and will bring more lucrative results.

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